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08 December 2014 @ 12:45 pm
FIC: "The Seconds Before I Jumped" by stars_inthe_sky  
Title: The Seconds Before I Jumped
Author: stars_inthe_sky
Rating: General Audiences
Character: Danny, C.J., Mark O'Donnell, Katie Witt, Josh, Donna, Carol
Pairing(s): C.J./Danny, background Donna/Josh
Spoiler Warnings: Full series
Summary: A man, a woman, a wager, and about forty of the world’s best journalists who should really have better things to do, including—especially—the one who won a Pulitzer Prize from the fourth row. But he’s playing the long game.
A/N: My first TWW fic for one of my longest-running OTPs!

("The Seconds Before I Jumped" @ AO3)
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